Promotion of European Voluntary Service in between local youth in Swiecie and surroundings is one of our crucial tasks.

We support young people in order to prepare them for life in another country sharing our experiences and knowledge.

We always try to pass all neccessary informations about European Voluntary Service to the people that might be interested into EVS and contect them with other sending organisations as our ability to send volunteers is also limited by our accreditation.

 So far we have sent Polish volunteers to EVS projects in Pernik (Bulgaria), Bucharest (Romania) and Magdeburg (Germany).

 Moreover we are preparing local youth for particpation in trainings and youth exchanges.

Groups from Świecie have participated already in projects in Thessaloniki (Greece), Salzburg (Austria) and Braga (Portugal).

Our volunteers sent on the European Voluntary Service projects:

MACIEJ, Pernik (Bulgaria)


Maciej went for his one year EVS project to Bulgaria.

Activity dates: 10.2015 – 10.2016

His main tasks include:

• Organizing presentations and social activities. This includes research of ”Erasmus +” program. Study volunteering as a method of personal development. Meetings and communication with young people.
• Artistic activities in all genres of movement art (dance theatre and performance, pantomime, street theatre. Working with text and script. Getting to know the technical side of theatre – lighting and sound.
• Realization of own project: development and implementation hisown mini Project, for which Association ”ARTAREA” will provide all necessary support.



WOJCIECH, Magdeburg (Germany)


Wojciech came to Germany at the beginning of March 2015 and his one year project just ended.

Activity dates: 03.2015 – 03.2016

His main tasks were:

• Supporting intercultural workshops in schools, create cultural projects in the context of the town twinning Radom-Magdeburg, editorial work on the web page of the organization or the creative design of publications, leaflets and posters.
• Developing concrete ideas for involvement in civil society initiatives (Mile of Democracy against Right-Wing Extremism, Intercultural Week, Refugee Day and also Europe Week etc.).
• Participation campaigns, informative meetings and fairs, as well as the production of materials for these events.
• Updating the website and Facebook site as inviting to an interactive participation in personal and project blogs.
• Supporting Language Cafe, a meeting place for native speakers; working in a team, create common ideas for events and meetings and organising them together.