Nasz wolontariusz z Węgier na szkoleniu On-Arrival w Warszawie

W dniach 05-10 lutego nasz wolontariusz z Węgier – Janos, uczestniczył w szkoleniu wprowadzającym dla wolontariuszy EVS, którzy przyjechali na projekty do Polski. Poniżej relacja Janosa ze szkolenia i sporo zdjęć (wersję w języku polskim udostępnimy w późniejszym czasie).
On Arrival Training (5-10 February 2018) in Warsaw
Monday, 5 February 2018
On first day when we arrived to the Agrykola Hostel, on the afternoon we talked to each other in small groups about that what we are interested in the best, for example one of the topics was to create network of the volunteers.
Tuesday, 6 February 2018
On the morning we walked in park of the Agrykola Hostel where there was a big lake, a wonderful castle in front of the lake as well as there was antique open-air theatre. I have taken a lot of photos about these buildings and the lake as well as the other volunteers.
After that we have learnt words in Polish as we had to collect words starting with “p” letter in Polish whether by helping of the internet.
Wednesday, 7 February 2018
On this day we had to explore Poland in different topics in small groups. The topics were traditional drinks and foods, traditional music, traditional dances, every life in Poland, economics. Our team was Mafalda from Portugal, Miguel from Spain, Raphaël from France and me. Our task was to show the Polish traditional folklore dances. We had to collect information about that in the city centre of Warsaw. First of all, we went to Library of University where they offered the Ethnographic Museum and Fryderyk Chopin University of Music. So first time we visited the Ethnographic Museum where we take a lot of photos about traditional costumes and folklore dances.
The other team showed the own topic as they create an online quiz on the “Kahoot” website.
After presentations of the “Life in Poland” we participated in small groups in an online quiz, everything about the EVS generally.
Finally on the end of this day our trainers have taught us the “I dlatego lubię, mówić z Tobą” tiled Polish song from “Akurat” named band. I think that it is worth so much a mentioning, how they have taught us this song: they wrote expressions in Polish on small notes, first time everyone get one expression, and our task was to change as much as possible with each other as we had to teach that expression in Polish for each other.
Thursday, 8 February 2018
On the morning we presented the Polish traditional dances in our small group for the others. Yesterday about which we collected information in the Ethnographic Museum in the city centre. I showed basic steps of dance of the “krakowiak” with Mafalda, the Portugal girl.
On the afternoon we worked in small groups again. We could choose which workshops we would like to participate. I chose the theatre workshop. First time 5 volunteers followed on the scene who had to crouch down on starting. Our task was to improvise some situations. As when our group leader clapped one, then somebody could stand up who had to improvise a situation on the scene. If our group leader clapped one again, then who just stand they could crouch down, and new person or people could stand up who had to continue that situation. For example, we played a situation which was played in a lesson, in a school as well as we also played a situation which about was a person felt sick himself/herself and he/she broke down in the street; the other passengers saw that, and they started quickly to revitalize him/her.
Friday, 9 February 2018
On morning we played a situation game. Story of this game is our team is in a island. Soon dangerous storm will be there which the whole population will been destroyed. There is another island not far from this island, our task is we have to get to the other island as we mustn’t touch with the sea because there are dangerous marine animals, for example piranias. We get magic pillows for helping. We had to find out together in team work that how we could get to the other island through the sea with helping of the magic pillows. Another important rule also was to use the magic pillows as somebody always had to step on every pillows. If one of the pillows stayed empty then they took out that one from the game. So the most important thing was to communicate with each other.
On afternoon I have learnt pronouns how I can say in Polish that how I feel myself. We took part in another situation game which is called by “Mirror test”. Substance of this game was to imitate motions of person in front of me. Another version of this “Mirror test” was to lead the other person whose his eyes was closed. Before we had to talk to each other that what we prefer, how we have to lead each other. For example, if direction should been changed then my leader had to touch my shoulder. After the game we had to give feedback for each other how we feel ourselves during the blind leading.
Saturday, 10 February 2018
On morning we worked in small groups in different topics again. The topics were how to deal the culture shock, how to integrate with the Polish culture and people, how to keep motivation as well as how to cook and to spend the free time for everyday hacks. I participated in that team which they worked on topic of “how to deal the culture shock”. But when every team finished to work on own topic after that we changed topic to which we can add own our information. Consequently, the most important thing which I have learnt that I am never afraid to ask helping the other people if I need it, for example I don’t understand something as well as I always talk to that person everything which it is doubt for me.
Before the lunch the evaluation followed. When our task was to choose a picture as I felt myself on all day of this training, after that everyone had to share own thinking with the others. I chose a picture on which there were a lot of people on a wonderful mountain. I said about this picture that I love to know a lot of people from different countries, and I’ve really enjoyed this week, I am very glad to meet with you, thanks for everyone!

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